5 simple things you can do today to help the Earth!


Yesterday was Earth Day! We only have one planet earth and we are treating it pretty badly! But what to do about it? Here are 5 simple things you can do right now, here today to help our Lovely Planet Earth.


  • Don’t use your car


As the weather gets warmer its time to get outside no more excuses. So go on ‘get on your bike love’ as they say and leave the car at home. If you know it’s a 15-minute drive to town but a 30-minute cycle make the effort to cycle or walk even!

By using your car less means you are adding less CO2 emissions! And by moving instead of sitting it’s good for your body! Win and Win!


  • Drink water from a glass bottle rather than a plastic one


It takes 450 years for a plastic bottle to degrade. Which is mental! By swapping your plastic bottle to a re-useable glass one that’s so many less plastic bottles wasted in a heap somewhere. You can also ask for refills when you’re out and about rather than buying another plastic bottle. If you get a funny reaction – see what they say when you tell them that it takes 450 YEARS for a plastic bottle to degrade.


  • Buy food from markets

Most of our household plastic comes from the packaging around our foods. If budget allows shopping at wholefoods means you can pick your organic fruit and veg and place it in a lovely brown paper bag (that is recyclable). If money is tight try and buy food from local farmers markets or Indian stores like Taj store in Hove that have a bucket of lemons for £1.  Take canvas bags with you and you’ll walk off with bags of lemons smiling ear to ear knowing you ain’t adding to the plastic heap!


  • Recycle your plastic.

It seems like an obvious one but you’d be surprised how many of us don’t. “In the UK the average UK household uses 480 plastic bottles per year, but only recycles 270 of them!”

Often out of laziness (don’t worry we all do it!) we put the plastic in the black bin instead of in the recycling. It takes literally 2 seconds extra thought to put the plastic in a separate bin but often out of habit we don’t!


  • Buy from sustainably sourced brands

Like us! We have worked hard to ensure that all our products come from sustainable sources, are made from eco-friendly materials and use non-toxic dyes or chemicals. That’s because we love our Earth and want to make and produce products that do the Earth some good too. We also give 10% of our profits to Coral Reef Alliance. Find all our amazing products here.

To find out more read our blog Our Coral Reefs here.

Read more about Plastic Waste here.


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