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We are passionate about supporting our oceans and our reefs. That’s why we give 10% of our profits are given to Coral Reef Alliance.

Wolf and Mermaid was born out of a love for the sea. Hours spent snorkeling in the reefs of Bali our designer Eve Hardcastle was devastated at the dead coral reefs she witnessed. She knew she wanted to use her art to help make a change. Even if it was small step towards helping our reefs to be full of colour and life once again, one small step was better than none.

So, who are Coral Reef Alliance? And what are they doing to help?

The Coral Reef Alliance is a nonprofit organization based in Oakland, California, that partners with local reef communities around the world to protect coral reefs. The Coral Reef Alliance’s mission is uniting communities to save coral reefs.

“CORAL recognizes that our best chance to save coral reefs is in collaboration with the people who are most closely connected to coral reefs. In partnership with local communities, we take a multipronged approach to restoring and protecting coral reefs.”

Coral Reef Alliance multipronged approach main areas are:

By purchasing Wolf and Mermaid you are helping CORAL do all that they can in supporting the reefs of our oceans.

Our planet is made up of 71% water. We are made of 60% water.

 It is our calling to love and respect our oceans.

We only have one planet we only have one ocean to look after.

Do something about the thing you care so much about.

Buy from Conscious Brands like us, Wolf and Mermaid.

10% of our profits are given to Coral Reef Alliance.

To make a larger donation to CORAL please click here.

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