How to Clean Your Wolf and Mermaid Mat


We know how much you are going to love and use your Wolf and Mermaid Yoga Mat. This blog will give you all the information you’ll need on how to clean your mat so it’s sparkling clean! Because when something gets used a lot it’s going to get dirty. Whether its muck and dirt from the studio floor or from your home you’ll want to know how to get it dirt and muck free and quick and easy. We suggest using a spritz bottle – but if you are unable to get hold of one instead use a clean cloth and dampen the cloth slightly.

Heres 5 easy steps for cleaning your mat for general muck, dirt, and regular cleaning.

1. Brush off any visible loose bits of dirt or muck

2. Next, grab your spritz bottle and fill halfway with warm water

3. Add 2-3 drops of your favorite essential oil (we’ve used lemongrass)

4. Spritz your mat down – try not to get it overly wet

5. Using a dry paper towel or a clean dry cloth next dab your mat

Once dabbed down leave the mat to dry before use.

Ta-da! A beautifully clean Wolf and Mermaid Mat!


If a disaster strikes and it’s one of those epic spills, let’s say red wine or melted chocolate or maybe even puppy poop (you never know it might happen!) you might need something stronger to clean it off with. For example, vanish or carpet cleaner.


Here’s how!

  • First, you want to get a dry clean paper towel and scoop up the excess/dab the excess off the mat
  • Next, you want to throw that away and grab a clean cloth and dampen it with hot water
  • Next, you want to sponge the direct spill area with your cloth (try not to move the spillage around the mat
  • Next, we suggest using a cleaning product, similar to what you’d use on your carpets at home (you can find eco-friendly carpet cleaners in most supermarkets or online or if it’s a big stain you can use vanish)
  • Apply the cleaning product to the mat in small amounts, and continue to dab with your cloth
  • Continue to wash your cloth under hot water (ringing it out each time) and keep dabbing till the stain/ mark looks removed.
  • Ta da! It’s just like it never happened! Shhh, we won’t tell anyone about the spill!


If you have any questions regarding the cleaning of your Wolf and Mermaid mat or any of our other gorgeous products please don’t hesitate to contact us at


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