Making a Home Yoga Practice


Making a home yoga practice – Wolf and Mermaid is passionate about supporting your home yoga practice! Read why and how!


We have made our mats super thick 3mm thick to be exact and this has been designed for two reasons. Firstly, to give you that extra cushioning and padding needed on elbows, knees, and joints to help support and protect them. But also, to encourage a self-home practice away from the studio or on the go. The mat was designed to be placed in one setting rather than a travel mat.


While being on the move with your mat is ideal if your rushing about town and heading to a studio, cultivating your own home practice is so important!


I find having my mat out and easily accessible at home means I’m more like to practice more regularly, especially on those dull grey days when you don’t want to go outside!


Keeping up a good practice at home can not only help you feel more deeply into the postures but also for you to figure out poses that they might move through quickly in class. You can practice your downward dog or your warrior pose over and over until it feels right in your body.


To buy a bundle set complete with a meditation cushion, bolster, and eye pillow as well as your mat you will be able to create your very own corner of happiness for your home practice. See it as a shrine to you and to you giving yourself that slice of time every day to come back to your body and calm your mind.


Home practices also mean that if you have a free afternoon you can go for hours if you need to. At home, you aren’t always limited to an hour session. If you have the time you can get lost in the meditation for longer than 15 minutes or you can create a savasana that lasts an hour instead of 2 minutes! Anything you feel you are craving after your studio practice you can come home and practice for longer.


If you’re like me and it’s rare to find the luxury of a free afternoon – having your mat out at home means its ready and available as and when you need it and when you get the time. So, if you only have a spare 5 minutes before going to work you can jump on your mat and take in the colours, tune into your breath and feel your body move even if it’s for 5 I promise you it makes a difference.


As I’ve said before, having a thicker mat also helps us to protect our very important joints and give us the extra support me might need rather than injuring ourselves. There are so many mats out there and you need to find the one that suits you and your practice thicker isn’t always better but it has its pros.


If you’ve been going to yoga classes for a while but you feel you ought to take a slice of it home with you, grabbing yourself a Wolf and Mermaid home mat is going to give you the extra push you might need to start practicing at home. With the individual art printed on the soft supporting mat texture, they will last you a lifetime of yoga practices and will brighten your day – whatever kind of week you are having!


Some of my most magical moments practicing yoga has been in my own space, on my own Wolf and Mermaid mat! Those moments when there’s no one else around it’s just me and my yoga and my mat.


If it feels a little too daunting to come to sit at home on your mat and you feel you might freak out with what to do and not enjoy doing it alone… Don’t panic – there are so many amazing online yoga portals now where you can get yoga classes streamed directly to you for you to watch over and over and have a teacher there just like on a one to one basis to explore your practice.


Also, you can always invite some friends over, practice together at home, you can chat make tea, make each other laugh and learn something new!


So, what are you waiting for! Start your home practice today with our Wolf and Mermaid Eco-friendly Yoga Mats! 10% off with the code: HOMEYOGA10

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