Say hello to our Notebooks!


Say hello to our Notebooks! We have just released our very beautiful and exciting A5 notebooks! Printed in Paradise Dream, Wave Flow, and Ocean Fall. Hear exclusively from our Founder Eve about how journaling has been fundamental to the way she works in a number of ways and why she has created Wolf and Mermaid notebooks!


“Journaling for me has always been a way of healing, figuring, designing, dreaming and organizing my thoughts feelings yearns and unwanted crap.


By splurging out onto white crisp paper I am able to fully let go in a way that spoken word doesn’t have the same effect. I can write down secrets, things people will never learn. I can write down honest feelings that no one knows. I also find out how I’m feeling by the process of writing.


Words will emerge from the back store of my mind and I’ll only find out in that sentence what’s really going on.


Journaling feels like a release too. I can write it all out close my book and start again tomorrow.

I can close my thoughts feelings and leave them there. They can be let go off through journaling. I can free them from my mind and not have to investigate further.


Journaling can also be useful to organize those thoughts, ideas or todos!

Who doesn’t love a to-do list, the satisfaction from ticking things off one by one? In this do do do world we live in it’s hard to truly know what we need to do today right here right now.

Making lists in your notebook can be so helpful on a busy day.


I also love to journal when I’m away. I rarely travel anywhere without my notebook. When I’m on a train or a plane or in motion but also have to sit for long periods of time, you’ll always find me scribbling. I find so much clarity will come to me and I always feel like writing.


A notebook is a great tool for capturing those ideas as the brush pass your brain like the wind. You have to capture them, steal them, pluck them out and store them down on white pages. Any creative will tell you that feeling of “Ohhhh I wish I had a pen and paper right now!”


You’ll try and write it down later, but it won’t come back to you.


Journaling can also be part of your yoga practice. On my yoga teacher training, I was taught to journal about the yoga classes I was attending. What phrasing did I like? What happened to me in class? What thoughts and feelings came up?

What were the postures that feel good? Which ones felt differently? Which poses did I want to skip? Why?

To log your practice, you can use it as a tracking method for how you might be feeling at different times of the month and how you process in your yoga practice.


Journaling also helps me to set goals and plans. If I hadn’t had my trusty notebook with me through the trials and tribulations of setting up this business I wouldn’t have known where my head was at!


It’s easy to forget an intention we have set or a goal we are trying to reach if we don’t write it down. Referring back to goals I set at the start of my notebook compared to what I’ve achieved at the end of my notebook is also a great task to do.


So, with all these reasons in mind, that’s why I’ve created these amazing Wolf and Mermaid notebooks. They are exclusively and uniquely printed, and hand made here in the UK and are available now on our website. They are A5 size perfect for travelers and come complete with a tin to keep it in.”

Find out more about our exclusive notebooks click here and your journaling journey could start today!

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