Where is the Wolf in your Yoga Practice? 


Sometimes people ask me where is the Wolf? I can see the Mermaid all over the watery prints but I cannot see the Wolf.


Wolf and Mermaid was born out of a love for the planet, our waters, our lands. Mermaid, of course, can be seen in the designs I produce. Using ink and resin I am able to marble shimmering colours and ripple waves across yoga mats, yoga bolsters, eye pillows and meditation cushions. Mermaid is the energy within me that is nurturing, soft and the subtle. She is the creative feminine energy that pours ideas, colours, and patterns out of me. She is the visual, the artist, the yin. She is the part of myself that connects most deeply when I create and when I paint when I explore.


The Wolf element is more hidden than the visual prints. The Wolf is within. The Wolf is the business, the lone fighter who refuses to stop at anything to get to where she wants to. The Wolf hunts down every chance and every call. She doesn’t stand for shit and she walks away if you take the … The Wolf is the hidden, the unseen behind the scenes working without breaking… holding up and keeping the business roaring. She hunts, she grounds, she grinds. She works. She doesn’t need sleep and she is always looking at how to improve and how to be better. She brings her tribe together, she facilitates, she fights.


Whether it is a Wolf and Mermaid, or something else we all have different sides to us that shine brighter at different times. The challenge is channeling them to be strong at what they are strongest at. Knowing the downfalls of each part of our identities and recognizing we are made of many different traits.


In yoga, I find you need both a Wolf and a Mermaid. For me within my yoga practice, I will go from very strong vinyasa classes ‘Wolf classes’ hot sweaty, power, intense… to very Yin, Restorative Water element, Mermaid classes.

Sometimes the Wolf is seen as evil or sly as a creature when really the Wolf is a symbol of great strength, passion, control, discipline, independence, and loyalty. The Wolf works in packs, and often you have to work with other people within yoga to help us succeed. The Wolf is also a great symbol of strength and in building strength in our practice we can build a greater foundation to work on. A Wolf never gives up, and if you keep trying and trying and trying and trying you’ll get that handstand you were after.

A Wolf energy in your yoga practice could help you hold it for a little longer, try a little harder and give a litter stronger.

Having a Wolf within you in your yoga practice as well as in your life is also so valuable. Setting clear boundaries, tackling difficult tasks, taking on challenges. You can use the Wolf energy in relationships or at work. Taking no shit, figuring out when do you need to work alone, or when you need work in a pack? How are you going to overcome these challenges?

Life isn’t easy sometimes but you have to keep fighting for your dreams 🐺💪🏻No one is gonna do it for you, you have to fight for it. Find your Wolf even if he or she is hidden. She could help you pull yourself out of bed today. She could help you fight harder for your dreams.

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Image from Three Column Blogger

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