Whats a Yoga Bolster?

What’s a Yoga Bolster?

If you are new to yoga, even if aren’t but you’ve predominately practiced a power Vinyasa style yoga you might not know what a yoga Bolster is.  A yoga bolster is like a body pillow but firmer and either rectangular or circular in shape. Ours are circle because we like circles best. Its main purpose is to create relaxation, help soften a posture, or aid in opening the body. A bolster is commonly used in prenatal, restorative, and Iyengar based classes. But they can be used also in other yoga classes and around the home or office. I often use mine on the sofa under my legs or behind my neck.

Yoga bolsters are a great support to any yoga practice – I often use mine at the start or at the end of my practice to begin to open or to unwind and slow down.

They are perfect supports for the neck, knees, arms, backs anywhere in the body that you are wanting to soften and also open and add extra cushioning too.

I like lying it down over my belly too acting as an added weight to lower the chest and belly to enhance deep breathing and relaxation.

There are loads of bolsters out there so why choose ours?

Well first off, they are beautiful and completely unique. Our Artist Eve Hardcastle was inspired by the coral reefs of Bali and wanted to bring some colour into yoga studios, home yoga practices and bring a sense of joy, vitality, and vibrancy.

Secondly, our yoga bolsters are made from eco-friendly cotton canvas, digitally printed with non-toxic dyes and water-based inks. Filled with 100% organic buckwheat sourced right here in the UK. Our amazing team hand fills the bolsters so they are the perfect aid for your yoga practice. So you can feel good and know it all good materials you’re using.

Thirdly, we give 10% of our profits to Coral Reef Alliance who are working hard to rebuild and protect our coral reefs around the globe.

Lastly inviting more colour into your life and into your practice has been said to enhance well-being, improve mood and help with sleep! So what are you waiting for check out our full collection of bolsters here .

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