Paradise Dream Eye Pillow


Mmmmm… drift off with Wolf and Mermaid’s calming Eco-Friendly Lavender Eye Pillow. Made with uniquely printed silk and cotton blend they and hand filled with 100% organic dried lavender and 100% organic black beans. This eye pillow is perfect for restorative yoga, resting tired eyes, or can be used before bed for the perfect snooze!

  No Nasties . Eco Friendly . Uniquely Designed. Wash at 30 degrees.

4 inches wide and 9 inches long

 10cm by 23cm


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Inspired by the coral reefs of Bali our Artist Eve Hardcastle designed these Eco-Friendly Eye Pillows with the intention to evoke a sense of joy, vitality, and vibrancy. Using inks and resins she creates unique one-off pieces of art on canvas that are then digitally captured and printed onto our products. You are not just buying a yoga mat you are buying a piece of art. Art drenched in colour! Not only that surrounding yourself with colour has been said to increase your sense of well-being, improve mood and even help with sleep!
We believe in being conscious beings as well as being creative, so that’s why 10% of our profits goes to The Coral Reef Alliance who are working hard to rebuild and also to protect our coral reefs.
Our eye pillows are made from a cotton and silk blended eco-friendly material, they have zip and an internal lining so you can take the cover off and wash it at 30 degrees.

The pillows are filled with 100% organic dried lavender (for scent) and 100% organic black beans (for weight). The filling is sourced from a UK farm and are pillows are hand filled by our amazing team. So you can easily in knowing that your product not only looks good but made from good stuff too! While at the same time giving you the brightest colours on the yoga market.

Our pillows are 4 inches wide and 9 inches long, we found this was the best size for all styles and practices of yoga and relaxation.

We believe our eye pillows are the best there is, as well as being the most unique. We are here for the Wild, the Brave, the Unique, the Different, and the Conscious. We are here for the Wolves and the Mermaids.
We wanted to invite some joy and colour into your life. Share with us how it makes you feel!
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