Coral Calls

After spending time snorkelling and sea- shell hunting along the coastlines of Bali, Wolf and Mermaid shocked at the amount of bleached and dead coral, were inspired to comment on this destruction. The coral reefs of our oceans are no longer bright with colour and fish and this made us sad.

This collection is to inspire the returning of those once colourful reefs brimming with life and brightness.

With now only 2% of the Great Barrier Reef left, this collection looks at how we can heal our oceans before it’s too late.

10% of all profits made from this collection will be donated to Coral Reef Alliance.

Inspired by the coral reefs of Bali our Artist Eve Hardcastle designed has brought to you Eco-Friendly-Yoga Products with the intention to evoke a sense of joy, vitality, and vibrancy. Using inks and resins she creates unique one-off pieces of art on canvas that are then digitally captured and printed. These Eco-Friendly-Yoga Products are not only practical and useful they are pieces of Art drenched in colour! Not only that surrounding yourself with colour has been said to increase your sense of well-being, improve mood and even help with sleep!

All of our Eco-friendly yoga products are made from eco-friendly cotton canvas, printed with non-toxic dyes and filled with 100% organic buckwheat, 100% organic lavender and 100% organic black beans, sourced here in the U.K.

Our yoga mats are made from 100% natural tree rubber, printed with non-toxic dyes and are 3mm thick for that extra cushioning.

The collection has been referred to as ‘transformative pieces of art that take me somewhere’ and even said to create a ‘sense of calm and stillness in the midst the chaos of life’.

Here at Wolf and Mermaid we believe in being conscious beings as well as being creative, so that’s why 10% of our profits goes to The Coral Reef Alliance who are working hard to rebuild and also to protect our coral reefs.

We do good so you can feel good!

We are here for the Wild, the Brave, the Unique, the Different, and the Conscious. We are here for the Wolves and the Mermaids.

Passionately devoted to designing a brighter future, drenched in colour for conscious beings and wild souls.

We wanted to invite some joy and colour into your life. Share with us how it makes you feel!

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